Right Wing Groups to Discourage Folks from Getting Health Care

14 Jun

What a great example of the difference between the left and right at the moment and how absurd opposition to Obamacare really is.  Bloomburg reports that various right wing advocacy groups will be working to discourage people from enrolling for health care via the on-line insurance exchanges mandated by the law.  Yes, the right wing’s big fight is to discourage people from getting health care.  My, what a noble mission.

This kind of gets at what I mentioned yesterday, that Republicans have no idea how to change their current fortunes, and in fact can’t even wrap their minds around the fact that their current fortunes are bad (and they are!).  One of the things mentioned in the College Republican’s autopsy on 2012 was how young voters view Obama and the Democrats as politicians who are at least trying to change things.  So even with Obamacare’s faults they see it as an overall positive attempt at change.  To whit – Obama and his allies are trying to get people who don’t have health care to sign up for health care via the on-line exchanges.  Republicans are trying to get people to not sign up for health care.  What the hell kind of plan is that?

Paul Krugman, who obviously enjoys baiting right-wingers (not that I can blame him), writes, “I suspect that the idea of helping lower-income Americans in any way would drive the GOP bonkers; but the idea that this help might come from Obama (implementing a program originally designed by Republicans, but never mind), and that Obama’s plan might actually work, drives them crazy.”  How true.  And as always, how fun to watch.

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